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Glenn Wilson was one of the first producers to emerge from the swedisch techno scene. Since 1992 he opened his own record shop in Stockholm and founded his Planet Rhythm label to promote Swedish artists like Cari Lekebusch, Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlbäck.

Glenn’s evolution into the electronica scene came after being influenced by the electro, hip hop and break-dance movement that swept the UK during the 80’s. The sounds and beats from the likes of bambaataa, together with documentaries about the new york Bronx’s Zulu nation and movies like beat street soon isolated Glenn from the mainstream music his friend’s was listening too at the time. After some years later in 92 Glenn relocating to Sweden where he started dj-ing at a local radio station in Helsingborg south Sweden playing & exposing various forms of techno & house, at the end of 92 he rented some space at the back end of a second-hand record shop where he had a small underground outlet selling to local and national djs and collectors.

Later on that same year saw the birth to his own label Called Planet Rhythm the name of which was inspired by the series of mix tapes he use to make from his bedroom dj sessions called planetary rhythms. The label had one purpose and that was to expose the production talents of Swedish artists and at the beginning of 93 Glenn talked about his ideas to a producer called Cari Lekebusch who he had met via a dj in Stockholm who he used to sell records to. Cari agreed to do the first 2 releases for the label And In 94 Glenn relocated to the capital Stockholm to try and expand both the record shop and the label, after a few months a place was found to set up a firm base. Not only was it now a fully independent record shop and record label but it also became home to Cari Lekebusch’s Hybrid Productions & the Hybrid Studio. After a very short time Glenn needed more help in the shop and also new artists for the label.

Cari had a few underground producer friends who he had met via various friends and on various parties in and around Stockholm, he explained Planet Rhythm’s concept to them and soon demos where arriving. Adam Beyer, Jesper Dahlbaek (aka Lenk) Thomas Krome, & Fredrik Almqvist (aka RND Technologies) all started producing for Planet Rhythm and the shop soon became a vital hub, meeting point and outlet for anyone and anything involved in the scene, its popularity and its importance as a solid base for anything electronic was soon apparent when it was nominated together with caris hybrid production for the Swedish entertainment prize awards.

After a number of releases a remix series for the label was started which broke out from the Swedish circle and started using international artists like The Advent & Cristian Vogel. This came about not in an attempt to get noticed on an international scale but was infact a request by the likes of Cisco himself who liked what the label was releasing. At that time Cisco was the co producer of some of the most respected outputs being released like CJ Bolland's 4th sign so to Glenn a bigger compliment couldn’t have been made and a big opportunity like this could not be missed. After a steady rise in popularity both nationally and internationally the problem for expansion was very clear, “distribution and distributors”.

"Glenn Wilson was one of the first to promote Swedish artists like Cari Lekebusch, Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlbäck.“

In 95 Glenn relocated to England where he was to concentrate more on the distribution network but before doing so set up Planet Rhythm UK that was to provide a more selection of artists from around the world but still hold a Swedish Connection.





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