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In 1991, Koch founded a recording studio in Frankfurt with Cem Oral, with whom he shortly afterwards formed the project Air Liquide with. In 1992, their first EP, titled Neue Frankfurter Elektronik Schule, was issued on the Cologne he record label Blue, the chef and together with Oral had founded the musicians Jörg Burger. In 1991, Oral, Burger and Wolfgang Voigt founded the acid techno label Structure. In 1993, Koch formed the labels XXC3 and Dj.ungle Fever.

In 1993, Jörg Burger, Wolfgang Voigt and Koch together founded the Delirium Köln, a record shop, which also serves as a music label and distributor. Later Delirium Köln was renamed into "Kompakt".

The same year and following years he recorded numerous solo releases and collaborations with artists such as Wolfgang Voigt, Biochip C., Frank Heiss, Thomas Thorn, Jörg Burger, Electric Indigo, Holger Czukay, ADSX, Wulfmanson, Mary Susan Applegate, Craig Anderton, Omsk information and Triple R. With Can Oral he published, among other monikers, as Khan & Walker and Gizz TV & Walker.

In 1996, Koch and Thomas Thorn formed Thorn Kölner Elektronikbar Liquid Sky Cologne. In 2001 he founded the artist hotel Monte Christo Köln and the underground techno club Club Camouflage Cologne in cooperation with Heike Windberger. In 2012, Koch founded the artist collective and video art gallery Liquid Sky Berlin.

2014 he starts the art & music television projects Psychedelic Kitchen and lsb TV in cooperation with the Cologne video artist Uli Sigg and Berlinbased TV and Radiostation Alex Berlin.

In 2015 he began collaborating with the Leipziger Firma online radio Telepathic Bubblebath, named after the record label, and with the Berliner Baeren Siegel GmbH die Internetart- / Streetart- / Performanceart- Kampagne #scrt_brln.

also in 2015 he gets involved in several cooperations with the art gallery Neu West Berlin and Rigabased Synthesizermanufacturer Erica Synths. In 2016 Koch founds the movement, a multimedia art & philosophy project featuring disturbing radical visuals, noise music & abstract thinking.

In 2017 Koch opens the chili-farm "SPX27" and in cooperation with the Berlin club and art-location "Maze.Berlin" the experimental musicbar and videoart gallery "Liquid Sky Berlin - #lsb02".

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