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DJ Android emigrated to Canada in 1995 there beginning his career in 1996. In the same year he organized Samogon Records in collaboration with Dj M.Pravda
Organized the first raves in the small town of Kitchener, Canada
The success came after the Techno Invasion event, the headliners of which were Dj Dave the Drummaer, Dj Mark EG U.K.

1998 Acquaintance with Dj Chris Liberator. The first steps of cooperation with the English team Stay Up Forever
1998 Played for the band HARDFLOOR
1999 the first record on TYT records 1999 Dj John Peel calls the plate of the year Android-Super Nova (Smitten Records)
2000 resident of Club Active 8, Phantom, Static
2000-2005 resident of the major rave festival in Canada WEMF

2002 Tour of Brazil, performed in the best club in the world Warung
Since 2003, the organizer of the largest events among the Russian-speaking community
Performed in the best club in North America The Guverment and Atlantis
2004 Start own video store
Close cooperation with the team Stay Up Forever and launching your own label Spartek
2005 released the first release of Perfect Woman, which was played by Dj Mauro Picotto at a huge festival in Brazil
2005 Moving to Brazil and opening the school of electronic music AIMEC

2006 Return to the homeland and opening of the school of electronic music AUDIO in commonwealth with Dj Gruv and Vyacheslav Timerbulatov
2006 Collaboration with Viktor Strogonov and release of 4 records on English labels
A total of 22 LPs were released in England: Cluster, TYT, No entry, Powertools, Spartek, Smitten, Smitten remix, Apex
Speeches on Russia at large-scale techno festivals
Since 2010 resident on Kazantip
2011 Delegation from Japan announces "Audio School" the best in Europe
2012 Passage of training and obtaining the status of the only certified teacher in Ableton Live program in Russia
2014 Two-week performance at the Olympic Games in Sochi, including on the main stage Medals Plaza
2014 Work with the music club Vyacheslav Shainsky. Releases in Europe on the leading techno-labels
2015 "Audio school" receives the State. license, thereby reinforcing the status of the first and only educational institution in Russia to teach electronic music and DJing
2015 Start of a unique project Audio Stage (record label and producer center)



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